About Mike - the Man, "the Host" at Dodgeton Creek Inn


Hi, Thanks for joining me today.
My name is Mike and I am a baby boomer.

I enjoy skiing, hiking, sailing, traveling, cooking,
and sharing my Bed & Breakfast with my fantastic guests.

Big cities and the “coat and tie” world of corporations are not for me.
At least not anymore!

Some of My History


I spent four years in the Navy during the Vietnam era. After the Navy I went back to college using the G.I. bill and received a degree in business. For years, I worked for hotels and resorts in towns near Colorado’s famous ski resorts as an accountant or in management. I also started several businesses, and sold them over the years. In 1994, I semi-retired and built a large addition unto a cabin here in Cuchara, Colorado. I named the business River’s Edge Bed & Breakfast. River’s Edge is located just two miles from the small ski area called Cuchara Mountain Resort. In 2001 the resort closed and I was able to purchase a majority interest in another local lodge, which I renamed Dodgeton Creek Inn, counting on the reopening of the Cuchara Mountain Resort by an eighth owner. In 2006, when Cuchara Mountain Resort had yet to reopen, I sold River’s Edge and have been able to operate the new lodge, Dodgeton Creek Inn, ever since. So now my B&B business is very seasonal, and I have been looking for years to either increase that business or start an online business, so that I can stay and prosper in this beautiful high mountain setting.

The Computer Era

My introduction to technology and computers was punching computer cards in college – a far cry from what we have available today. Until November of last year I used computers to do Excel spreadsheets, browse the internet, and for e-mails. Everything else that was high-tech I avoided. At various Chamber of Commerce and Tourist Board meetings I had heard the marketing people say that the world was changing rapidly and that high tech and the internet were the future.
But I ignored most of their advice until I decided to jump into the 21st Century and learn how to take advantage of today’s technology. Using internet search engines and you tube sources I have come a long way. But it seems there is no easy to understand source for those of us that ignored these great changes for too many years. I have gone from super high-tech geek sites down to “for dummies” sites..


My On-Line Business Attemps


I decided to get some help and started checking out on-line jobs or “how to” sites. A salesman for one of these sites called me and promised that his company could get me up and running quickly on-line. After four months of working with this company, and parting with about two thousand dollars, and not making ten cents, I started smelling a “scam”.

In February this year I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliates on the internet and was shocked to find that I could join for free, be taught how to build web sites, and be headed in the direction of starting a profitable on-line business. You would not be reading this right now if I had not signed up with Wealthy Affiliates. I hope that Dodgeton Creek Inn and my new Wealthy Affiliates business will help me build up my retirement income and support my addictions – skiing, sailing, and traveling.

I love people and I enjoy my guest

At my bed and breakfast I hope this website helps bring guests to my establishment. On my words of wisdom I hope to share my learning and my positive experiences with the rest of mankind. I hope you enjoy my website, have a great day.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the Best,

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